Vision Improvement FAQs

What is Natural Vision Improvement?

Natural Vision Improvement is a whole person approach to preventing and reversing functional eyesight distortions. This includes shortsightedness, longsightedness, astigmatism and so called “old age sight” or reading blur. The factors that affect vision can come in many forms. They are related to occupation, emotional blocks, nutrition and the habitually stressful ways in which we use our eyes every day.

How much time does it require?

Like any other health and fitness programme, what you get out of Natural Vision Improvement will directly relate to what you put in. The benefits that you receive from the programme do depend on putting some consistent time into it, particularly in the beginning. However many of the activities can be done almost anytime and any place. The goal is for them to become new habits incorporated throughout your daily or weekly routine. As this happens you can decrease or eliminate the amount of time needed to be set aside just for vision games.

(But please note that the most lifelong benefit will still be derived from some focused time dedicated to vision games on a semi-regular basis!)

To get a good result from the programme we do recommend 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week as a starting point. This can be divided into smaller portions throughout the day. If you choose, you can do less than this, either less time or on fewer days, and still notice a difference. Of course if you do more, then the difference will be more dramatic.

How long does it take?

This depends on the individual. As with anything else, what you get out of Natural Vision Improvement will be the direct result of what you put into it. We find that some people throw away their glasses after a weekend workshop, while others at the same workshop might take weeks or months to achieve this goal.

Janet Goodrich herself wore “coke-bottle thick” lenses for myopia (short sightedness) and astigmatism for 20 years. It took her 2 years to regain complete independence from her glasses, at the same time as she was researching the methods to do so. She did not need to wear glasses ever again.

Does it work?

Yes! The techniques taught in Natural Vision Improvement have been successfully improving people’s eyesight since this work was pioneered in the 1920′s by ophthalmologist Dr. William Bates. We receive many letters after every course in which the participants are enthusiastic about their results and the success they continue to achieve with their home programme. Our certified NVI instructors also continue to advise us of the success stories of their students.

How does it work for my particular problem?

Short-sightedness (Myopia) and Long-sightedness (Hyperopia). These conditions can be changed by doing activities to relax the muscles in the eyeball to allow it regain its normal shape, together with activities to strengthen these muscles, so that they can flex easily and strongly to see clearly both up close and in the distance.

Old-age sight (Presbyopia) Commonly known as ‘old-age’ reading blur. This condition is usually caused by stiffening of the lens in later life, so that the ability to accommodate is lost. It can usually be corrected quite quickly doing the activities to relax the muscles and lens and bring back flexibility.

Warp across the cornea (Astigmatism). This causes a sensation similar to looking through old glass. Lower degrees of it come and go, while higher degrees become locked in place by corrective lenses. It is usually related to simple eyestrain and can occur by itself or in conjunction with myopia, hyperopia or even presbyopia. Simple vision and emotional activities can erase this condition.

Squint, lazy or wandering eyes (Strabismus, Amblyopia). This condition can be changed by doing the activities to bring back fusion and co-ordination between the two eyes, and by doing specific activities to redirect the wandering eye to return to its ‘normal* position. These techniques are effective with adults and extremely successful with children.

What about my child’s eyesight?

NVI is very effective for improving children’s eyesight. There are several options available depending on the age of the child. The parent can either purchase the book and/or vision improvement kit and use the information therein to work with their child’s vision themselves or seek out a local vision improvement teacher and work directly with them and the child.

The whole-brain integration activities and emotional work can also make the child’s school and social life more harmonious. Janet Goodrich wrote a book for children’s eyes, “Help Your Child to Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses”.

What’s wrong with wearing prescription lenses?

Wearing prescription glasses ‘locks’ the eye into the level of visual acuity of the prescription. In the same way as sitting in a wheelchair does not allow your legs to work, prescription lenses do the work that the muscles and lens in your eye should be doing, thereby weakening them further through inactivity. We recommend ‘transition’ glasses. These are either the minimum prescription needed for driving or pinhole glasses.

What do Optometrists think?

Optometrists’ first response to the idea of improving eyesight can be one of disbelief. They are taught at university that the only answer to visual blur is corrective lenses or surgery. An optometrist’s practice centres around prescribing corrective lenses. There are however many optometrists who are aware of the improvement possible with Natural Vision Methods and are supportive. We refer our students to these optometrists to have transition glasses made. There are also optometrists who have taken the Janet Goodrich Method Instructor Training Course and have added these techniques to their optometrical practice.

Some comments from supportive optometrists:
“I firmly believe in Dr. Goodrich’s stress – relieving techniques for improving vision. I have seen these simple yet effective visual games and relaxation techniques benefit many people. The Natural Vision Improvement workshops and classes aim to personally develop and improve the health and well-being of the mind, body and vision. I would highly recommend these workshops and principles.” Jenny Livanos O.D. (Certified NVI Instructor) – Sydney

“I have learned more about the experience of my own vision than I had in all my optometric training and 10 years of practising optometry. My visual acuity without glasses has improved and I believe more improvement will come. The improvement in my ability to function without glasses has been a wonderful surprise.” Robert Brooks, O.D. -U.S.A.

Australian College of Behavioural Optometrists:
“People doing natural vision programs often need support in the form of reduced spectacle prescriptions. Acbo members are sympathetic to this approach and can help with the modification of prescriptions through the program.” Read the full article here:

Who will be interested in Natural Vision Improvement?

Anyone who uses their eyes:- Natural Vision Improvement frees people from the dependency, expense, hassle and inconvenience of needing glasses or contact lenses. Our eyes are intended to last us our lifetime in clear eyesight. With proper care, exercise and consideration, our eyes will truly keep us in good vision for life.

What is the difference between the book & kits?

The Practical Guide to Natural Vision Improvement book offers basically the same information as the Personal Eyesight Training Kit but not as in depth and in a different format. The book covers how and why to do the most important activities for common types of refractive error, with some discussion of lifestyle and emotional factors, and with the pinholes allows you to learn a programme for improving eyesight. The Personal Eyesight Training Kit is designed specifically for short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism and offers written guides to the activities for these conditions, and through the audio lessons and activity guides goes into much more depth. These audio guides are like taking a series of lessons with a private instructor, and offer the equivalent of 9 cds worth of instruction, with an additional 3 cds worth of activities with music. These activities with music are the ongoing heart of the kit, giving you the tools to sustain an an enjoyable, regular and convenient vision improvement programme. The Kit also contains a multitude of separately printed charts and vision tools that also help make your programme easier and more enjoyable.

If you want to learn about the method and how it works with only a small investment than I suggest that you start with the book (and pinholes if you are currently dependant on prescription lenses). If you have enjoyed the free audio lessons we offer on our website and know that this method will be useful and enjoyable for you and really want to commit to learning about your visual system and sustaining your personal vision improvement programme, then I recommend one of the Kits. If you have only over-40′s reading blur (presbyopia) then the Read Clearly Naturally Kit is the one you need. For myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism you need the Personal Eyesight Training Kit.


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