Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole Glasses and You


Myopic Blur Circle

Myopic Blur Circle

1. Pinhole spectacles encourage rapid saccadic eye movements, as opposed to staring through prescription glasses.

2. Pinhole spectacles allow infinite room for improvement in sight, whereas eyes will always try to adjust to prescription glasses, even when the lenses are too strong.

3. There is no need to keep stepping down the prescription.

4. They are less costly than optically prescribed glasses.

5. Pinholes can be used as healthy sunglasses as they let through some essential natural light while cutting down the glare.

6. Anyone of any age can use them to compensate for blur at a distance or up close.

7. After regular use your brain will adjust to the honeycomb effect and will no longer register it.


1. Pinholes function best in good light.

2. It takes some time to get used to them, usually a few days.

3. You may need to get permission to use them in some places (like in the classroom, for students).

4. Pinhole glasses are not legal for driving if you have a restriction on your driver’s license, and they are not recommended for driving in general as they do reduce peripheral vision to some extent.

5. Everyone else will want your pair!

Pinhole Glasses

Modern Pinhole Glasses


Pinholes work by cutting down scattered light into parallel beams that fall on the keenest area of sight on the retina (macula). They reduce the blur circle on the retina, allowing clear vision. Your brain becomes accustomed to the overlapping dark grid and does not notice it after a time. Pinholes can be used for computer, reading, TV, movies, and all distance vision except driving. However, they are not a substitute for doing the vision games.

Blur Circle Reduced

With pinholes the blur circle is reduced


Wear your pinhole glasses anytime you want improved clarity and saccadic motion, and are not limited by legal or safety restrictions. Your first preference is to wear nothing in front of your eyes, and use your Magic Nose Pencil. Second choice for computer, TV, reading or other activities is your pinhole glasses. Third choice for activities such as driving (particularly if you have a restriction on your license), any activities where clarity is necessary for safety, or for work where more clarity is needed to reduce your stress, is your reduced prescription transition lenses.

When using your pinholes remember it is very hard to stare through them, and we consider that an advantage. Making small movements of your head as in the Magic Pencil activities will help. When reading choose one hole (for each eye) and look through it, moving it along the page as you read, rather than attempting to switch from hole to hole. This may help with other activities as well. If you have questions contact us;

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