Natural Vision Improvement Seminar – Free Introductory Video

Please enjoy our complimentary video “Introduction to Natural Vision Improvement by Carina Goodrich”

The Vision Retreat on October 13th 2008 will be the final ‘in-person’ course for Carina Goodrich for years to come. Get a taste of working with Carina in Person with our 5 minute seminar introduction:

The last opportunity to benefit in-person from Carina Goodrich’s experience, nurturing and intuitive instruction at these incredibly low prices will be the 2008 Vision Retreat. Enrol now and save $250 – the Early Bird Discount ends Sept 15, 2008.


The Read Clearly Naturally Kit Bonus Book Winners

As most of you know we launched our latest product yesterday and as a special bonus for the first 5 orders we gave away secondhand copies of the out of print in english book ‘Natural Vision Improvement’ by Janet Goodrich.

The 5 books went within a few minutes of the launch.

Congratulations to the winners (first 5 to order)

1. Jennifer P (Australia)
2. Peter M (Australia)
3. Gwynneth W (Australia)
4. Johan V (South Africa)
5. Joseph M (Australia)

The other bonuses are still available.

Click here to find out more about the Read Clearly Naturally Kit.

Old-Age Reading Blur Kit (Presbyopia)

You haven’t heard from us at the Janet Goodrich Method for a little while because we have been putting the final touches on a new vision improvement kit.

We are very excited about our new Kit:

–The Read Clearly Naturally Kit–

The kit is designed for anyone who would like to reverse or avoid ‘old-age’ reading blur (Presbyopia). ‘Old-age’ reading blur is commonly experienced from the age of about 40. [Read more…]

Welcome to our Vision Improvement Blog!

Hi, and welcome to our new blog.

The Natural Vision Improvement Blog is not a change to our website rather an addition. We will use this blog as a tool to provide articles and news about vision improvement and the Janet Goodrich Method.

One of the things we like about blogs is that you can offer comments and opinions about each blog post or article and we encourage you to do so.

We hope you find lots of interesting and useful information on our blog and please do participate by leaving comments and feedback.

All blog posts and articles are organised through the menu on the right hand side. We also have a article list page where you can scan through and find articles of interest. Click here to see the list.

Carina Goodrich & The Janet Goodrich Method Team