The Year to Improve Eyesight


Whether it’s breaking out a new calendar or just the idea in our minds, the coming of the new year is a great marker for starting something new, or coming back to something old that needs revisiting in a new way. My goal is to get you to give a little of this year’s attention to your eyesight, that most precious of our senses.

It helps when we remember that 90% of the sensory information we live by comes in through our eyes. It’s motivating to think that we support this most vital of senses with ¼ of the body’s nutrition, and ⅓ of the body’s oxygen intake.

A few simple ways you can recharge your vision and body care this month include:

  • Recharge your nutrition and energy levels by boosting the amount of raw and unprocessed foods in your diet, and drop out some of the packaged foods that may have become habitual over the holidays. The latest interesting nutritional food boost is Chia seeds. Very high in antioxidents, they are appearing everywhere these days, even in some dishes in our local health food restaurant. I love these little black & white seeds. They are delicious sprinkled on salad or porridge, and in baked goods, but for best use they should be soaked in water. They absorb many times their weight in liquid and therefore in dry form can be dehydrating if you don’t drink enough water separately. However when wet they bring fluid into the body. I love to drink the gel they form with the addition of a little warm milk (nut or cow), honey and vanilla, it’s my healthy substitute for beloved custard, and the kids love it! Try lemon and honey for a non-fat version.
  • Deflect the stress by getting enough rest, whether it’s sleep or just downtime doing something relaxing and enjoyable. If you are having trouble sleeping, train your brain with a routine visualization before bed. Try imagining 10 steps down into a cozy sleeping place. As you imagine yourself moving down each step, visualize either a stress you are releasing on that step or imagine a positive you want to happen. Over time you should find that by step ten you are out like a light!
  • Care for your eyesight by introducing or reinstating fun and relaxing vision activities, for yourself and the whole family! Remember that many whole body activities are good for the eyes. For those who are having warm weather, create an obstacle course in the back yard that involves balancing, crawling, jumping, then throwing and catching a ball while circling it with your Magic Nose Pencil. For those in cold climates this time of year is great for snuggling up and telling vividly described stories while Palming.

Start up or re-inspire your vision improvement with our book, which is getting rave reviews around the world. USA vision instructor Gene Younger writes:

“Carina, like her mother, has written a great book. She has taken the natural vision improvement field a step forward with this wonderful manual. I love the way Carina has organized the material and presented it with clear illustrations and explanations. Nothing is left out of this book!

This book will stand alone as a complete guide to self-healing of one’s vision and eyesight correction. It is elegantly simple and yet complete in its scope and application. This will be the very first book which I will be recommending to my clients here and around the world.

As a vision educator myself, I suggest that you read this book with an open mind, practice it’s exercises and activities and allow your vision to get better. When you do this I will guarantee you positive results for your vision, eyesight and Life!”

Gene Younger, Certified Vision Educator
Yoga For Better Eyesight Instructor
Portland, Oregon

You can access this wealth of information about caring for your precious visual system, and even start your programme right away with a pair of pinhole glasses. When you order the Practical Guide to Natural Vision Improvement book we offer pinhole glasses for $10 off the normal price – and no additional postage.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012
from Carina Goodrich & Dan Sheehan


  1. Lorie Groetzinger says

    Carina, I like the suggestion about chia seeds! I started sprouting again recently but never thought to include chia. I just tried sunflower seed sprouts. Wonderful crunch and taste. Sprouts are just so vital.
    Its winter here so I’ll be snuggling in w/your visualization and getting lots of sleep. Best Wishes, Lorie

  2. Peta says

    Hi Carina
    I just thought to say thank you for your blog. It is a nice way to start the new year with positive directions.
    Peta *

  3. Mike says

    Eyesight is very important and keeping your eyes in shape is similar to keeping your overall health in shape. You need exercises and vitamins and your eyes need exercises and vitamins as well.
    Thanks Carina for your tips!

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