Solid Foundations for Better Vision (Free Video)

New Eyesight Training Videos for you!

Whether you are a beginning vision improvement student or have been practicing for a while, maintaining the good body habits and skills that come with the basic vision activities is very important.  Like a martial artist who practices all the forms from white belt to black, vision students benefit from reviewing the foundation activities to ensure they haven’t dropped off some of the important basic principles.

  • Remember that regaining faster saccadic movement is vital to clear eyesight.  The faster your saccadic movement, the more light falls onto the retina.  The more light information coming in, the better your eyesight can be.
  • The habits of steady breathing and blinking while using our eyes is crucial
  • Keeping the body relaxed, especially the neck, shoulders and facial muscles, is also important.
  • Checking in with your visualizing skills must be emphasized. These train the brain to better visual processing and assist the connection between the eyes and brain.

Finally, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we have created these Magic Nose Pencil videos so you can clearly see all these important aspects of this simple yet vital activity. Abilities learned by practicing the Magic Nose Pencil activity form the skill base for many of the more advanced specific vision games.

For the introduction to the Magic Nose Pencil, including what to remember when practicing, start with video 1 (5 minutes):

If you would like to skip ahead to our video guide to practicing the activity, go to video 2 (5 minutes):

We hope these help you to keep up your motivation and excitement for nurturing your visual system all year round.

NEW! Text guide of the above videos in PDF format now available. View/download here.


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