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Welcome to the new Janet Goodrich Method website…

We hope you’ll find it easy to navigate and even more informative than before. It’s more user friendly now with clearer tabs and menus, taking you to helpful pages like;

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Your June audio gift – Guided Visualization

Regular relaxation of body and mind is vital to ongoing vision improvement and general wellbeing. It’s a wonder what a few deep breaths and the deliberate intention to be calm and cool can do in moments of stress in your daily life.  Even more effective is taking the time here and there to deeply relax and visualize yourself free of stress and tension in your body. It can be hard to keep our attention focused when doing a process like this, so this month we have included a complimentary audio to help you relax and cleanse your ‘mental space’.  Whether you are taking a quick moment between other tasks at your desk, or closing your door and lying down undisturbed for a little ‘me time’, you will find this audio helpful on a regular basis to help keep you both mellow and ready for anything!

Note for Parents: The kind of clearing and relaxing process offered in this audio gift is also very good for children.  Take them through it at the end of a difficult day or anytime you want to help them learn that they are in charge of how they feel inside.

We hope you enjoy it!

(press the play button)

Download the mp3 with background music
Download the mp3 without background music

For those who would like the text prompts for this
visualization you can download the PDF here.

We love your feedback, so please remember to leave a comment below about the new website and what you think of the audio session.


  1. Ben Hilton says

    Hi Guys,
    I love the new website, looks great.

    I’ll try the audio out a little later when i can get some quiet time.

  2. nancy says

    Thank you Carina for that great visualisation. It was good to hear your very soothing voice. I intend to do it daily. I appreciate your very generous gift.

  3. Patricia says

    Hi Carina
    Thanks so much for this visualisation – it’s just the sort of thing I need to help me commit to a regular space for my vision and for my overall well-being.

  4. says

    I couldn’t believe how fascinating your blog is. Honestly it feels like forever since I’ve happened upon content such as this maintain the excellent work.

  5. bb says

    first of all ur blog and website is great compared to many othr sites i have seen about healing the eyes naturally, i am on the road to recover my eyes and its as if the world is opening up to me and i see everything in a different way ,.. well i was just gona say that maybe u should advertise this as a headache cure or sumthin because many ppl always have headaches or migraines and these motheds are practically a cure for them… ppl will most definitely b more interested in these methods if they new they cured headaches .. ohh yea and the audio worked like a charm!! it relaxes me everytime =) thanxxx

  6. Lore says

    Thanks for the website,
    and for the audio! they are great.
    I’m not doing regular practice but it’s always nice to have this website to come back when I feel like doing it.

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