Eye Massage for health and beauty


A wonderful addition to your vision care tool kit is self massage on the areas around your eyes.  This has a number of benefits that include;

  • Stimulating blood flow to the skin, muscles and capillaries in the areas around the eyes, helping to drain excess fluids, reduce sagging areas, tone the muscles and nourish new cell growth.
  • Speeding up lymphatic drainage to remove toxins.
  • De-stressing the muscles that cause crow’s feet.
  • Activating the pressure points around the eye sockets to help release tension in the visual system and increase the flow of life energy to the eyes.
  • Ensuring that the application of any skin feeding and moisturizing agent is gently but surely worked into the skin for maximum effectiveness.
  • The opportunity to slow down, breathe and relax and give some nurturing to yourself and your eyes with these simple techniques.

Remember to use suitable massage oil or plenty of natural moisturizer to provide a surface for fingers to glide over, so as not to pull or stretch the skin.

Always work upwards when massaging the face, to oppose the effects of gravity on facial tissues and get the most benefit of the blood circulation created with the massage.

Start with a slow speed, then increase somewhat as you go, always using only a gentle pressure on the skin.

There may be some redness or blotchiness right afterwards, this demonstrates that you have achieved additional circulation to the area.

Make sure you are always breathing deeply and keeping your facial muscles relaxed.  Use your exhalations to deliberately release tension and stress as you proceed. Use your inhalations to bring new energy into your body. If pesky thoughts get in the way and cause you to become tense, write them down and use the Melting Beachballs process on them!

Keep your attention on what you are doing.  Focus on the feeling of nurturing yourself and your eyes and face, of bringing in nourishing blood and energy, of stimulating the tissues with love and joyfulness.

Let’s get started;

  1. Begin with dry hands. Rub your hands together to warm and energize them, then place them over the eyes in Palming position, and take a few deep breaths.  Relax your shoulders and facial muscles, releasing tension with your exhalations.
  2. With the middle fingers of each hand, starting at the inner corners of your eyes, gently tap on the bony socket surrounding the eyes, moving upwards and then outwards along the brows (bringing in the index and ring fingers where there is room), down the sides and inwards along the edge of the lower socket, back up the bridge of the nose to your starting point. Repeat this circle a number of times. Keep breathing. This technique is very useful for releasing the tensions from too much computer use or late nights, as it stimulates all 7 of the acupressure points around the eye sockets.
  3. Now bring your thumbs to the point where your eyebrows meet the bridge of your nose. Breath in and with the exhalation gently press the tips of your thumbs into the bone. Then move along the brow bone upwards and outwards, in small increments (about half a thumb width) and repeat.  Breath in, press gently with the exhalation.  You can repeat in any spots that you feel the urge to as you go along. About 1/3 to midway along the eyebrow, you will come to a spot where there is a notch in your brow bone.  This is a very strong acupressure point for the eyes, as I am sure you will feel with the slightest pressure.  Be gentle and press only as much as you can easily tolerate, for just a second, and notice the sensations. If it’s not too sensitive, press a bit harder, or for a little longer.  Keep breathing! If it’s too sensitive, then simply hold the point without pressing. You will probably feel a sensation in your whole brow area and eyeballs as well. Continue along the brow in this manner until you reach the outer corner of the eye, tap your way along the under eye area and return to your starting point.  Repeat if desired. (See further notes below on the brow point.)
  4. Take up some suitable oil or moisturizer and return to one eye. Using the tips of both middle fingers, alternately stroke upwards from the corner of the eye to the temple in a sweeping motion.  Repeat a number of times then do the same on the other eye.

The eyebrow acupressure point. Even those without refractive error find this a powerful point with strong effects.  Those with visual blur and congestion even more so. Go slowly and gently, and as you practice you will find more tolerance for this self-treatment. The most benefit may be derived when you are able to press quite firmly for 15 to 30 seconds, but reaching this point may take time.  Do this as a nurturing activity, not a proof of tolerance.  The benefits of activating this point include bringing chi flow to the eyes, balancing the energy of the physical structures of the eyes and stimulating the movement of toxins, and for some may also include an activation of an emotional response. (If this happens then where possible let yourself cry it out, then place a cloth with cool water over the eyes to sooth them. Now imagine light and love flowing into your eyes and head as you breath.)  If you find you have a strong response to this point then some palming and deep breathing afterwards may be helpful.   As mentioned there are 7 acupressure points around the eye socket, this eyebrow notch point in particular is helpful for anxiety and mental strain.

For more information on facial massage for health and beauty, look at;

–          Acupressure Points for Better Vision website

–          Face Fitness, the 10 minute face lift book by Gregory Landsman



  1. Shilpa says

    Very effective technique for stimulating pressure points around the eyes. Very well explained and demonstrated by the lady. Highly appreciative!
    Thank you so much!

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