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We are so excited to now be able to offer the new book The Practical Guide to Natural Vision Improvement as an eBook!  To think that you could be reading this book in a matter of moments is very fulfilling after years of working with hard copy formats and waiting for shipping!

For those loyal subscribers on our email list, we are happy to offer you some extracts from the book for your information and enjoyment. One of the extracts can be read in this newsletter, and you can link below to a further two activity segments direct from the eBook. We hope that you find them interesting and beneficial.


The Practical Guide to Natural Vision Improvement page 49

Making friends with the blur. This is such a vitally important concept for myopes, and in some cases for hyperopes, to become aware of as you commence your vision improvement programme that we will discuss it again here before actually beginning our vision activities. In order to improve eyesight we must take off our prescription lenses, as discussed in the section on Transition Glasses. In that section we discussed how having some blur meant giving our eyes room to improve in a physical sense.  Let’s revisit our awareness of the emotional and mental aspect to this.

In order to change anything about ourselves, we must first accept our current situation, our starting point. To get benefit from the vision activities, we need to be able to do them with glasses off – in the blur that we have now – and yet be comfortable and relaxed.  If a student takes off his or her glasses to do vision games and is immediately caught up in discomfort and tension, in the emotional resistance of having blurred vision, and the mental dialogue that goes along with ‘hating the blur’ then all of the principles about doing the activities with relaxation and joyfulness go out the window.

Remember that the blur started as a defense mechanism, the physical body responding to the emotional need for protection.  It has served its purpose for you these many years, keeping the world at a distance if you are a myope, or protecting your innermost self if you are a hyperope. So firstly, rather than resisting the blur, it is suitable to be thankful for its service, as we now learn how to protect ourselves in other ways so that our vision can be clear and we can still be emotionally safe. Secondly, we need to accept that this is where we are now with self-love and relaxation, so that our visual system can move towards the ‘feeling’ of relaxed vision, which is where we will get both our gradual improvement and our clear flashes.

Remember, making friends with the blur is what allows you to know where you are starting from and accept it, relax into your vision activities, and get the most benefit of any and all time spent on vision improvement. Accepting the blur right now is part of what will allow you to change it to clarity. Keep this in mind as you begin your vision improvement activities and as you proceed through all the stages.

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Thanks to those who expressed their concern about the flooding and cyclone here in Queensland this month.  Carina’s and Dan’s families are fortunate to live in rural areas north of the worst flooding and south of the Cyclone, so experienced very minor effects.

We also very much appreciate being in touch with the students who are working through the Kits, and thanks to Lorie for this helpful feedback on the Personal Eyesight Training Kit:

Hi Carina,

I contacted you previously and have since gotten your (Personal Eyesight Training) kit for myopia.  I’m reluctant to say I love it but I do!  I’m taking it slowly, working on the breath, massage, and cross crawl for about 3 weeks now.  As a myope, I love how you break down the info into sections because otherwise I would try to do it all at once.

Yes, the format of your program is really good for me.  I think especially as a myope, taking things slowly and one step at a time is so key and the PET kit is that at least as far as I’ve gone.  At times I’m getting this sense of my head moving and my eyes resting in the sockets while at the same time being totally active but somehow apart from “me”.  It’s as if I’m allowing my eyes to do their own thing.  It is very relaxing and gentle.

Lorie G

If you are thinking about improving your eyesight and want to ensure that you like our teaching style, then the eBook is a fantastic and inexpensive way to get your foot in the water.  For more extracts from the book visit:


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