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We recently received an email from Sharon Moloney, a parent working with her 13 year old daughter Caitlin, who had been using quite thick glasses. She asked about the ways that vision improves, as Caitlin tells her that at different times – sometimes whilst doing the Janet Goodrich Method vision activities but also at other random times – she sees with clarity beyond the 12 inch distance where she usually has clarity. But then she blinks and the blur returns.  Sharon wanted to know if this is the normal pathway and whether the clarity will indeed remain for longer as she continues with her eyesight improvement games.

How vision improves is an important topic for those embarking on a vision improvement programme, improved clarity being the goal as well as one of the key motivation tools along the way. When so much of the time we are informed that vision can change in only one direction, for the worse, we want to know that our vision can also change in the other direction, for the better, and the ways in which this will happen for each of us as we practice Natural Vision Improvement principles and activities.

As two of Carina’s current major projects continue to grow towards completion, – the Personal Eyesight Training Kit (for Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism) and her baby currently gestating – we wanted to share with you one of the more than 50 audio lesson tracks from the upcoming Kit.  Knowing what is happening with your vision rather than leaving it entirely in the hands of others has always been an important principle in vision improvement.  Observing how your vision changes from day to day, and how it changes over time, is one of the ways that you can feel connected and empowered in regards to your eyesight. 

When students practice vision improvement activities regularly and are using either no prescription, transition prescription glasses or pinholes, some of the ways that vision improves are;

– as a gradual improvement on the eye charts both near and far, in reversal of the gradual deterioration experienced by those dependant on prescription lenses,

– ‘clear flashes’, as discussed in the free lesson track

– changes to the areas of visual perception not encompassed by eye charts. This includes the vividness of colours, the contrast of textures and true perception of depth. It also includes the overall ‘aliveness’ of your eyesight, and awareness of the joyful connectedness that comes from removing the barrier of your glasses and consciously interacting with your visual world.

In a later email Sharon also comments:

“I am amazed at the difference it has made already.”

To play the audio lesson use the audio player below:

(press the play button)



In other news, for those who prefer a sleeker style in their pinhole glasses, please note that we now have the Grey Readers available again.  Using pinholes rather than prescription lenses or magnifiers for reading, TV, computer work and taking walks will make a huge difference in the progress you can make with your vision improvement activities.  Pinholes can be used throughout the whole of your vision improvement progress until you no longer need visual aids, and should replace stepped down prescription lenses (“Transition Glasses”) wherever possible in your daily routine. (Myopes will still need a reduced pair of prescription lenses for driving or where other safety requirements apply.)

For the over-40s, if you are experiencing some beginning reading blur but do not quite yet need reading glasses, the pinholes will help to keep you out of that downward spiral of dependence on magnifiers, and will help to keep you practicing good vision habits. All our pinhole glasses come with a free case and information sheet. Keep a pair at your desk, by the phone and in your purse or briefcase, wherever you might need a quick boost to your reading clarity! The worst problem with pinholes is that all your friends will want them!

To view the pinhole styles now available click here

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