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Welcome to our final Blog Post for 2008.  So many things could be said about the past year and our hopes for the coming one, but I think you may have read, heard or said them all already! So I will simply say thank you for joining us in your interest in Natural Vision Improvement and all of the elements of quality of life, happiness and awareness that are a part of it.  This newsletter is to share with you just a small number of the inspiring and heartwarming stories that have occurred this year with those seeking better eyesight naturally.  Our first story comes from Kathy, a mother in Canada, whose experience with her daughter and Janet Goodrich’s children’s book brought such a surge into my heart.
Other featured comments come from two of the participants in the recent Vision Retreat and other students around the world. My thanks to Kathy, Sally, Patricia, Anne and Diane and all the others who have the willingness and take the time to share their motivating experiences with us.  On an emotional level we live and function via images, archetypes and stories, and I feel it is so important to share our positive processes.  With this thought we wish you a wonderful holiday and brilliant shining New Year.
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Carina Goodrich & Dan Sheehan
The Janet Goodrich Method
Kathy Kegalj, Canada
Using How to Improve Your Child’s Eyesight Naturally by Janet Goodrich
13 November 2008
On July 2, 2008, I took my daughter Lucia who was 41/2 at the time, to see an Ophthalmologist at the Vision Arts Centre in Nanaimo, BC.
I took her in as I noticed her rubbing her eyes a lot and one day, she came to me saying, “mommy, my eyes hurt” and then she burst into tears.
My deep feelings told me take her to see a Doctor so that’s what I did. When we were sitting in the Doctor’s office, something came over me, I started getting anxious and thought, “What if she really has something wrong with her eyes”, “What would I do to help her?”   A lifetime with glasses at her age – how would we deal with this?”
My husband stood beside me and we watched and waited anxiously.
My daughter went through an extensive eye exam with eye drops near the end of the visit to determine her prescription. After that, we were told she had a prescription of +3.25, +4.25 and that she was amblyopic plus hyperopic!
 My husband and I were in shock as we never expected these results for our daughter’s eyes! At this point, I did not ask the Doctor any questions, I was unable to speak at that moment. All I heard from the Doctor was “She’ll have glasses for the rest of her life”.
Soon after, we were directed into another room to fit glasses. I felt pressured to purchase glasses for Lucia. Honestly, it wasn’t about the money at all! It was the pressure to buy glasses that I did not like.
I did not feel that I had any freedom at all. What I really wanted was to go home and discuss this with my husband and to look at our options. Instead, I was directed to the cashier and spent over $400 for a pair of children’s glasses!  The Vision Arts Centre said that her glasses would be ready for pick-up in about a week.
I went home that day in tears! I was determined to find a natural way to heal her eyes.
One day, I was walking in downtown Duncan and I passed this used bookstore and I thought, I’m going to go in and see if I can find any natural vision books.
So I did.  I found a book by Dr. Peppard, an old book dated in the 1930’s. It was the only book in that store. I know it was meant for me! I know it was because it was the only book on that shelf calling out “Kathy, buy me”, “Kathy, buy me”.  A starting point, I thought.
I read it and Dr. Peppard mentioned William Bates in one chapter and used some of his techniques for eye exercises. I started some with my daughter and the ones we tried were the palming, the long swings, the swaying and blinking.
Soon after, I found books on William Bates and started to go online and research natural vision educators and came across this wonderful woman by the name of Elizabeth Abraham in Toronto. She said that I should continue doing the exercises and was so encouraging for me. She gave me some helpful tips and recommended a book by Janet Goodrich specifically for children so I bought it off of Amazon.com.
Wow – did it ever help us, I started doing more eye exercises with my daughter and after only 3 weeks, I noticed a drastic difference! She was reading eye charts very well.
I then thought I should go out and get a second Dr’s opinion in Duncan this time and so I proceeded to do so.
After this second Dr’s visit, I was told my daughter Lucia had 20/20 vision! Therefore, she did not require any glasses!  I was so ecstatic that I gave Lucia a big hug and I had tears in my eyes. I told her that I loved her and we went home happily and this moment will be in my memory forever!
Thank-you to Janet Goodrich – Without you, I don’t know what I would have done!
Kathy Kegalj- Mom of Lucia Kegalj.
Duncan, BC, Canada
Sally Andrews, Australia
Vision Retreat student
13 November 2008
Hello Carina,
I’ve been following my program at home, setting time aside for sessions, and doing little bits here and there to fit into my life.  I continue to notice lots of little improvements everyday, and I have started a journal to write them all down so that if I am feeling a bit down or discouraged, I can just read back through it and see just how far I have come.

I now only need to wear my glasses when I read at night, driving and sometimes at work, the rest of the time I only use pinholes or my own two eyes.  I am finding that more frequently I am able to read my orders at work and only need to pop my glasses on to check something or when it gets really busy and I need to keep up the pace.  Just this week I have stepped back to +2.5 magnifiers (from +3). I am finding the change easy to manage, and when I can’t read something with them, I use one of your strategies eg; better light, pinholes and white glow.  I am even asking for help – one day in the post office when I was having trouble reading an address, I asked a complete stranger to read it for me!
I love doing the cross crawl everyday, and I find this also helps with my memory too.  One day I forgot my shopping list, and when I got home and checked it, I found I had remembered all but 2 of about 20 items.  I bought 2 magic eye books off ebay, and after spending ages doing them one night, I noticed the next morning driving to work, that everything looked more three dimensional and had more depth.
I am now reading Janet’s children’s book and gradually implementing the activities into my boy’s lives.  I am really excited that my eldest son Ben has already had some improvement in his lazy left eye.  I did an assessment before he started and with the left eye he could only barely read the J on the distance chart, and the large words on the close chart, but they were blurry.  I did an assessment last week, and with his left eye he can now read the JKO, and on the close reading card, he can now read to line 2, and also the second assessment was in poorer light than the first.  I have in the past been told by several optometrists and an ophthalmologist that there would never be any improvement in Ben’s left eye, and we’ve just proven them wrong.  So now I know that there is hope for Ben’s vision improvement, and that this is just the start.

Carina, I want to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for all the help you have given me, for the wonderful gift of the knowledge and the power to improve not only my own sight but also that of my children.  What you have taught me benefits us all for the rest of our lives, and I am so glad I came to the retreat, and I now have the knowledge and motivation to help my kids while they are young so that they don’t have to go through the rest of their lives with deteriorating vision problems.  THANK YOU
I’ll keep in touch with our progress. Sally
Sally Andrews, Australia
Vision Retreat student
30 November 2008

Hello to you all,
Thank you for the photos. It was lovely to see you all again and it bought back such wonderful memories of the incredible experience we all had together at the retreat.
I have had fantastic improvement since the retreat.  I’ve now dropped to a +2.75 magnifiers, I did try 2.5 but feel more comfortable with the 2.75 for now.  (I was +4.5 when I started) Anyway, I don’t wear them much, only for reading and sometimes at work.  I am finding more often I can read my orders at work without my glasses at all most of the time, and I mostly use pinholes and only wear the glasses as a last resort. I have done assessments since the retreat, and always find my vision improves by 1-3 lines each time. 
I have also got both my sons doing vision games most days and I am really excited about the progress of my eldest Ben.  He has shown improvement in his lazy left eye, which has very poor vision. I had been told by several “specialists” that there would never be any improvement in that eye and there was nothing that could be done about it. Ha! They were wrong!  
I also find it interesting about the metaphors creeping into our daily lives.  For instance, being a hyperope, I can clearly see the “big picture” (distance), but have a challenge with seeing the details (up close)  I now realize that my life patterns are that I don’t like to read the fine print, I can’t be bothered with the details, I just want to get the big picture, the end result. When someone is telling me a long winded story, I say something like “Don’t bother with details, just give me a general outline”. My thought patterns are mirroring my sight problems!  Now I have started becoming very much aware of the fine details – when I watch TV I consciously notice everything, colours, what people are wearing etc, and I make this a habit all the time now.  I play games with my youngest son, where you study a picture and then answer questions about it. 
Here are some of my favorite and most fun ways of incorporating the vision activities into my daily life:
I love doing the cross crawl, and try to do at least a few minutes when I first get up. Even when I have a very early start, I do a few minutes and find that I am more focused mentally and my memory is better for the day ahead.  I also do a bit at night, even if I’ve had a long day, if I just do a bit I feel more relaxed and calm, and I do a bit of massage while I watch TV.
I like to read at night, so I do some tromboning before I read.
I like to do things that achieve more than one purpose at a time, because I am so busy and try to do so much!  I have typed out all the affirmations/positive statements we did at the retreat in a size print that is still blurry without my glasses. I have put this up beside my bathroom mirror.  So every morning, while I brush my teeth, I practice my white glow reading and reinforce my positive statements.  I also have a little book of inspirational quotes, and I read a few each day to practice white glow.
I bought a book of word find games, where you have a list of words to find amongst a grid of letters and they can be up, down, backwards, forwards and diagonal.  It is a size print I can just read but is still challenging   I find this good practice for white glow, as I have to scan each row in different directions to find the words, and it gets my brain to look for words in different directions, not just the usual left to right we are used to.
I have started a journal, which I keep handy, to record all my little improvements, dreams and insights.  I read this for inspiration if I am feeling a bit discouraged.
I keep Carina’s CD in my car, and if I have a spare moment sitting in my car, I put on the near-far swing and do it on a tree in the distance, and anything handy I can find for my close object.  I often like to listen to all the CD’s as a refresher, and when I start hearing Carina yawning, that just starts a yawning epidemic with me!
I love doing the magic eye books, and like to do them to relax at night.  My depth perception has improved and I am seeing in stereo now!

When I am driving I use the Magic Nose Pencil to draw the cars coming towards me, the trees, the signs, the instrument panel on the dash, follow the road centre line out to the distance and back, everything. 
I had a dream where I was reading, and every letter I focused on got bigger, bolder and clearer, I think my brain must really be getting the message about white glow!
Happy seeing to you all
Love Sally
Patricia G., United Kingdom
Vision Retreat student
9 November 2008
 Dear Carina,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The benefits of our work together are continuing to be realized.  What I have noted in every-day life (even though I have been on the go since I left Worldview) is that my eye work has become a priority rather than a hobby as it has been in the past.  So thank you for your all your help and encouragement.

I wanted to tell you about something that happened this morning.  I awoke with the usual feeling of anxiety in my stomach but I lay there and began repeating my new affirmation “I believe the best will happen”.  After a while I felt a wonderful all-enveloping cloak around my shoulders and I recognized it as my new “Guardian” that I had tried to visualize and draw at Worldview and I realized that with all the “good” and the “bad” the best did happen and continues to happen.
This is a huge break-through for me. I wrote in my diary: the anxiety didn’t magic away but it’s real and a real gift: the fruit of my long journey and all that others (particularly Carina) gave which is coming into perspective with a little distance of time and space.” I honour you for your commitment and professional skill and above all for how much you give of yourself.  I’m so glad I came (and came back!) to Worldview.
Anne Rosnoblet, France
Using Bien Voir Sans Lunette by Janet Goodrich
31 October 2008
  Dear Carina, I downloaded and used this free lesson and I thank you for this. Nevertheless, I must say I was already convinced  before I listened to it, because I bought your mother’s book last May (the French translation) along with William Bates’ one. I have been practicing relentlessly since then, and my vision has already considerably improved: from -4.00 and -3.25 in May, I can now drive with -1.50 and -2.00 transition glasses, but I use them very seldom, because the first thing I did was to take my glasses off. I almost never wear them.
I am a bit frustrated when I play tennis because sometimes the ball disappears (on a clear background, for example), but I suppose this is only a minor inconvenience. I can cycle around, go to the cinema or to the theatre without glasses, it’s extraordinary.All the best to you and this fantastic method,
Anne Rosnoblet
Anne Rosnoblet, France
11 November 2008
  Dear Carina, Of course you can use my email as an example. As it is, I am thinking of an interesting episode. Last Sunday, I was playing tennis indoors and the light was very yellow and dim, and I complained that I couldn’t see well enough to play in a satisfactory manner.
I told the girl I was playing with “This is an example of the discouragement I sometimes feel in this process of vision amelioration”. But she answered me (she wears -6 contact lenses): “you shouldn’t be discouraged, it’s already incredible that you manage to play at such a level without glasses”, and I felt better… I think it exemplifies how paramount the positive thinking is for natural vision improvement.Kind regards
Anne Rosnoblet
Diane Fowler, Australia
Using the Read Clearly Naturally Kit
28 September 2008
  Hi Carina, Two years ago, with my last eye test I was told that I needed reading glasses with a +1 correction in each eye and that I should accept that “at your age” the eyes begin a gradual but irreversible decline. Given that I was only 43 at the time I was not impressed to be written off as old and I did not get the prescribed reading glasses.  Last week I went for another eye test.

There was no mention whatsoever of the need for reading glasses and my prescription for myopia has been reduced from -1.75 in each eye to -1.75 in the right eye only and -1.50 in the left.  There was also a correction at 180 degrees for astigmatism in the left eye but I will be going back to have that removed and the script checked again as my eyes seem to have changed again in the time it took to have the new glasses made up.
I will continue using the kit to help with new habits to avoid the old age sight and I believe quite a few of the exercises are helping with my myopia and astigmatism.  I am especially interested in the correlation between emotion and eyesight as I had to get glasses after a major upheaval in my life at 13 years of age.  No one else in my family has myopia.I will be encouraging those of my friends who have been told they have “old eyes” to try your method.


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