Are you looking for a way to
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We know how important your vision is to you and we would like to show you exactly how to take control of your eyesight and dramatically improve it. You can learn how to see clearly naturally without glasses, contact lenses or surgery.

Imagine the smile on your face as you move effortlessly through your day, enjoying your favorite activities free from the hassles of glasses or contact lenses. The delight and amazement of clear vision can be yours every day through the Janet Goodrich Method…

“The material was well prepared, well presented, combining good knowledge of subject with a caring attitude to each student. Do you want to learn how to improve your eyesight or to avoid glasses – this is where you will find the information you can use.”
Heather Lake

The Janet Goodrich Method is effective for:



Half the people in our society suffer from serious loss of vision and we are expected to accept this as normal. Dr. Janet Goodrich, founder of The Janet Goodrich Method, taught people to free themselves from glasses and contacts for over 30 years. Through exploring the causes of visual blur rather than just the symptoms Dr. Goodrich has proven that eyesight can improve. Often eyesight begins to deteriorate due to physical or emotional stress at a particular period in one’s life. By determining the original starting point of refractive error and working through the internal blocks to seeing clearly, as well as healing the current physical state of the eyes, people of any age can regain clear vision.

Janet GoodrichJanet Goodrich Ph.D (1942-1999)

Since Dr Janet Goodrich’s passing in 1999 her daughter Carina Goodrich has continued with her mother’s Natural Vision Improvement work.

Carina Goodrich has been training people just like you to improve their vision naturally since 1996. New products, seminars, informative articles and complimentary audio and video gifts are made available regularly. To stay informed and be on the priority notification list please sign up to our free newsletter.

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Carina’s book is the best modern day Bates method book out there. It is concise and gets to the point, but tells you what you need to know and why.

Carina does not include anything that is not helpful to the recovery of your eye sight. I am a medical oncologist and Carina seems to also have a very deep understanding on the emotional factors that play a role in disease including eyesight and she explains how to look at this as well. In addition to all of this, Carina is gracious enough to answer questions to people who bought the book and who want assistance with the subject matter. Buy this book, you will not be disappointed.

Dr JP Morcos, USA

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‘The Practical Guide To Natural Vision Improvement’


I am introducing my friends to your mothers Janet Goodrich Method which I note you have upgraded and improved.

I am 71 years of age next month and thanks to this Method still do not wear reading glasses.

I am a lawyer and still in practice. My work involves long hours of reading and drafting documents emails etc I have been practicing the Janet Goodrich Method for quite a number of years.

Many of my clients express amazement that I read documents etc in conferences and without glasses. I tell them about the JGM.

Keep up your great work.

Kevin Foley

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